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Law Costs Draftsmen and Expert Determiners.
We draw solicitors bills of costs against paying parties.

WIGG & Co - law costs draftsmen established 1970 - servicing London and nationwide

WIGG & Co law costs draftsman are accredited and undertake all forms of Legal Costing in the UK or jurisdictions having final rights of appeal to the Privy Council. Law costs draftsman are backed by indemnity insurance and can work with you from any part of the country or your jurisdiction.

WIGG & Co costs lawyers will identify with you your objectives having proper regard to legal, commercial and financial considerations. Our aim is to maximise cost effectiveness to our clients with our law costs drafting service.

Whatever technical systems you employ you will benefit from our law costs draftman's "know how" in this arcane area of the law and with our attention to detail.

Call 01892 529518: How much will it cost? And how long will it take?

Call and speak to an experienced law costs draftsman without any obligations.

Costs Estimates

High value complex cases.

Costs estimates have great significance particularly at pre-trial checklist stage. If you get them wrong they may carry serious sanctions although they are not a costs cap.

Senior Court Costs Office formerly known as the Supreme Court Costs Office. Our law costs draftsmen frequently attend at the SCCO and at the London County Courts. We also attend at arbitration hearings and can work from your offices subject to special terms.

Court attendances as agents in the South East

Litigants in Person.

Enquiries for legal costs services welcome. We can guide you and represent you and help you to recover or challenge costs.

No win no fee agreements considered.

Overcharged by Solicitors?

If a bill is too high we can help! A bill should represent a fair sum for services rendered and an advance estimate should have been given. There is a strict time limit to complain and if you are too late you may lose out. Contact us now with no obligation.

Members of the SOLICITORS Group.

Tel: +44 (0)1892 529518

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Pro Bono Law Costs Draftsman

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First class experience and "know how"

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