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Fees to be inserted on Notice of Commencement of Detailed Assessment on Form N252 as follows as appropriate.

Table of fees payable on Request for Inter Parties and Solicitor's Act Assessment from 1st October 2007 in both Civil and Family Proceedings.

Where the amount of costs to be assessed:

(a) does not exceed 15,000.00 300
(b) exceeds 15,000 but does not exceed 50,000 600
(c) exceeds 50,000 but does not exceed 100,000 900
(d) exceeds 100,000 but does not exceed 150,000 1,200
(e) exceeds 150,000 but does not exceed 200,000 1,500
(f) exceeds 200,000 but does not exceed 300,000 2,250

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