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Wigg & Co - law costs services (part 1)

The consequences of non compliance with protocols and failure to accept Civil Procedure Rule Part 36 Offers are yet to be fully felt together with higher costs awards incorporating success fees and insurance costs. (See Costing News.)

We are closely monitoring the raft of costs cases coming through and will give initial free advice concerning particular problems affecting your cases and will if possible suggest solutions where appropriate as part of a general service relating to costs in the case.

You may instruct us to deal with the following:-

  • Preparation of Bills in different format as required for detailed assessment/arbitration
  • Preparation of Breakdowns of Costs for Negotiation
  • Preparation of Schedules and making Calculations for Settlement Offers against bills for Detailed Assessment
  • Preparation of Schedules of Costs for Case Management Hearings
  • Preparation of Points of Dispute or Replies to Points of Dispute
  • Attendance at Detailed Assessment Hearings
  • Projectionsfor Security for Costs applications with supporting statement
  • Assessmentof costs for payment by the Community Legal Service Fund
  • Bills of costs in relation to Criminal Proceedings
  • Assistance with Applications for Remuneration Certificates
  • Preparation of Private Interim/Final Accounts
  • Consulting and General Costing Advice
  • Negotiation of bills
  • Determination of costs in dispute (with the consent of the parties)
  • Standard bills for Commercial Legal Departments may be devised
  • Advice
  • Preparation of bills for litigants in person
  • Advocacy

Assistance in-house

We can assist you in-house if required and can supplement your in-house team when they are overburdened or wish to look for specialist  expertise.

Timescales - according to complexity and volume

WIGG & Co will complete your work as quickly as is practicable without compromising quality. Please state your requirements. Our usual turnaround is 10 working days for routine work .

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