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As an independent Law Costs Draftsman for 40 years I can confidently say that I have seen more cases cross my desk than any Solicitor in the country. There have been many changes in procedures and funding methods called "reform" mainly for political and budgeting reasons. Who can reasonably argue that the public now have greater access to the judicial system than they did 40 years ago?

The Lord Chief Justice has expressed his deepest concern at ministers' powers to amend or repeal legislation by means of secondary legislation and the proliferation of what are euphemistically called Henry VIII Clauses. The system must be fair and funding must be adequate to enable Solicitors to run a profitable business.

The CPRs have now been amended for the 66th time. We do not need further complicated costs changes.

Litigation is now "Judge directed". Costs may be capped and a Judge's discretion covers a very wide area. The increase in District Judges in Magistrates Courts should be welcomed and hopefully the phasing out of the power of the local insurance man to send someone to prison.

My view is that the Civil Legal Aid system worked and should be restored. It was in profit for 5 years before it was extensively curtailed. We should not harmonise with the old Napoleonic System at even greater cost.

Victor Webb M.A.E.- Law Costs Draftsman

Since I posted this article in July 2011 even fewer people have access to the legal system and law costs draftsmen. 6th September 2013

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