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Wigg & Co - Relevant experience as an Independent Law Costs Draftsman

A member of the original steering committee of senior costs draftsmen in the UK which later led to the formation of the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen and recognition as Costs Lawyers.

The following is a sample of costs cases covered over many years including :-

Heavy Commercial and Banking Litigation

All types of dispute resolution cases.
General insurance litigation.
Claims arising out of the war in Iraq involving separate banking frauds and the recovery of commercial aircraft.
Part of Enron.
Commercial agreements and arrangements for the London Marathon at its inception and yearly to ensure it continuation.
The drafting of Bills of Costs for general application by property companies.
General company commercial litigation.
The first Anton Piller Order relating to piracy of recordings.

Personal Injury and Industrial Accident Claims

A helicopter disaster.
A parachute accident resulting in loss of life.
Claims arising out of the sinking of the Marchioness following its collision with the dredger Bow Belle and tragic loss of life.
Road Traffic Accidents.

Medical Negligence - Claimants and Defendants

Countless claimants, medical negligence claims and defence to medical negligence claims for 110 NHS Trusts.

Institutional Work

Work from local authorities over a period of many years.
Work for the Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District until that office was abolished by structural changes.
The costing of work in relation to educational and different religious charities.
The drafting of a standard bill for the Sheriff of London.
Costing of work required by religious orders.
Work for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Development Agency.

Banking, City Trading and Fraud

Some of the first insider dealing cases in the UK.
Major VAT fraud cases.

Civil Engineering, ICC and TCC Court

A box girder bridge collapse.
Commercial construction claims in relation to the second Severn crossing.
Overseas Claims and disputes


Sinking of vessels with loss of cargo.
Charter Party


Fire claims.

Lands Tribunal

Numerous cases before the Lands Tribunal with advocacy.


The costing of cases involving the regulation of private/public music and licensing through tribunals.


Insolvency proceedings and bills of Receivers and Accountants

Probate. Contentious and Non-contentious Costs Disputes

Court of Protection

Applications for First General Order.
General administration

House of Lords

Many cases civil and criminal

Disciplinary Tribunals and Privy Council

The costing of various disciplinary hearings/tribunals affecting senior police officers, doctors and dentists.


The costing of hundreds of murder trials over a period of about 20 years.
Costs of Defence concerning illegal sale of blood.
The costs of Defence of Irish terrorist cases.
The costs of countless drugs cases.
Costs arising out of Operation Countryman and Operation Julie

Litigants in Person

Many direct access cases and representation at hearings

Other Jurisdictions

Preparation of Bills of Costs in Jersey and Points of Issue against Bills of Costs in Jersey involving attendances on the island.
Various construction cases involving attendance at hearings in Dominica and Gibraltar and the giving of evidence in relation to the legal costs on Affidavit in Brunei.
Assistance with the briefing of Leading Counsel in Hong Kong concerning claims relating to temples held by Tso or Tongs in the new territories and successful claims worth hundreds of millions of Hong Kong $ and costs of over 30 million $.
One of the first restoration cases concerning Jewish property taken by the Nazis.
Human rights cases from overseas territories to the Privy Council against death sentences passed.

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