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These grades of Fee Earner have been agreed between representatives of the Senior Court Costs Office and the Association of District Judges and the Law Society. The categories are as follows :-

a. Solicitors with over 8 years post qualification experience including at least 8 years litigation experience.

b. Solicitors and Legal Executives with over 4 years post qualification experience including at least 4 years litigation experience.

c. Other Solicitors and Legal Executives and Fee Earners of equivalent experience.

d. Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals and other Fee Earners.

"Legal Executive" means a fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives. Those who are not fellows are not entitled to call themselves Legal Executives and in principle are not entitled to the same hourly rate as a Legal Executive.

Unqualified clerks who are Fee Earners of equivalent experience may be entitled to similar rates.

Clerks without equivalent experience to Legal Executives will be treated as in being in the bottom grade of Fee Earner. Whether or not a Fee Earner has equivalent experience is ultimately a matter for the discretion of the Court.

The grades are based upon experience, not status.

New Guideline Hourly Rates for 2010

London 1 409 296 226 138
London 2 317 242 196 126
London 3 229-267 172-229 165 121
National 1 217 192 161 118
National 2 201 177 146 111

These ranges indicate guideline rates in these areas although it is stressed that the Court`s discretion is unfettered. Rates for costs draftsmen/costs lawyers are discretionary.

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